Whether this virus is going to disappear next week or it would still bother us for the following months or years, online shopping is inevitably becoming a major part in the Retail Industry. You know that and that’s the reason why you are here. You are resilient.

Unique Functions of Delivrrd.com

While this is just a little bit like a localized version of lazada, there are unique features that make this more viable for our place and situation.

We process every order as one (regardless if it contains orders from multiple stores)

Example: If a customer orders groceries from 1 store, pizza from a restaurant, flashdrive from a computer store, etc., we will process it as one, deliver as one package, and will charge only 1 service fee for everything. The customer must just note that each additional store that he orders from increases the delivery time to approximately 1 hr per store. 


2-hour Delivery Windows:

A 2-hour delivery window is an estimated amount of time each delivery team is out to complete multiple deliveries. We deploy multiple delivery teams each day and they are schedules based on these windows. 

Example: At 9:15 am, we received an order from a Customer1. Depending on his order, the picker/shopper will pick the items and will communicate with the delivery department as to when’s the next available delivery window for Customer 1.

Delivery Windows example:

10am to 12noon(Full)

11am to 1pm(Available)

12noon to 2PM, and so on.

So if before 11am the picker has already finished packing the orders, customer 1 will receive his order between 11am to 1pm.


We allow vendors to deposit their fast selling items at our warehouse.


This is to make things easier for you vendors, you don’t have to deliver to the warehouse each time you receive an order. 

These are just a few of the unique features that this platform has but as we go on and when the Covid19 situation changes, we will update you with possible developments to adapt to this currently very unpredictable landscape.

Here’s how we will be able to maintain quality service:

For grocery stores, 7.5 % – Because grocery stores have lower profit margin and are just compensated with quantity of sales, we charge them with a lower commission rate. 


For other retail stores, 10% – Clothes, music instruments, furniture, etc. 

For restaurants, 15% – They are charged with a bit higher commission rate because we have a slightly different delivery system for restaurants — we pick their products.

Delivery Areas

Initially, DELIVRRD will only deliver to places within Dumaguete City but we aim to be able to also serve neighboring towns and the whole Negros Oriental in a few months.

Different Delivery Strategy for Restaurants

We serve restaurants differently, that’s why we have a slightly higher commission rate for them (but still cheaper than other food delivery services). For restaurants, we schedule to pick-up newly prepared/cooked items from their outlets.

Diminishing Service Fees for customers:

Minimum order amount and service fees are what platforms use to minimize order abuse from customers. Here, instead of imposing a minimum order amount, we set varying service fees from every customer’s total bill. Below are the service fees. (This will automatically be added on customers’ bills upon checkout)

The few simple things that a vendor must just do to scale up:

  1. Register as a Vendor and add products. 
  2. Maintain the products, update prices, etc. 
  3. Schedule bulk deliveries to our warehouse. 
  4. Withdraw your profits from us.

The Vendor’s Dashboard

You will know through your Vendor’s Dashboard your Sales Summary and total withdrawable earnings. We may deposit your earnings to your bank account or you may schedule a visit to our office to withdraw them manually. Here’s a screenshot of how it looks:

Register as Vendor Now