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Langnese Golden Clear Honey 125g


100% pure, natural honey

According to the German Honey Directive from December 16th, 1976 (updated in 2004 and 2007) honey may not contain any other substance but honey. It is also defined that no constituent particular to honey may be removed from it, such as pollen. Taking into account the latest scientific findings and using modern technology, Langnese honey not only meets the legal minimum requirements, but exceeds them and therefore guarantees 100% pure, natural honey.

Langnese Bee easy wildflower honey 250g


Wild Flower Honey
This special Langnese Wild Flower Honey is made by bees when they collect nectar from innumerable flourishing wild flowers from selected sunny regions. Its well-balanced character, rich taste and golden colour make this exquisite natural product a favourite for sweetening all kinds of beverages and foods, as well as a delicious spread on bread or pancakes.

All honey recrystallizes naturally after a certain time as it is 100% pure and unfiltered honey. This does not in any way compromise the quality. By carefully heating the honey, the crystals can be melted down again

Langnese Golden Clear Honey 250g


Langnese is committed to introduce its customers with the superior quality products. For honey-lovers, the brand has come with Natural Honey, which is not just good to taste, but healthy as well.