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Safeguard Apple Boom Foaming Hand Wash (225mL)


99.9% GERM KILL*, 100% FUN!
Foaming Action
Easy to spread lather so that hands are thoroughly cleaned, even in between fingers and nails
Fun to use even for kids!
Less usage than regular liquid hand soap**
Accepted by PAMET (Philippine Association of Medical Technologists)

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Safeguard Cherry Pow Foaming Hand Wash (225mL)


PUMP…WASH…SHIELD ON!!!99.9% GERM KILL100% FUN!Join Commander Safeguard in his fight against germs! Wash frequently. Magic Pump, Foam Creator transforms trusted Safeguard protection into a soft foam format that kills 99.9% germs. Easy to spread lather so that hands are thoroughly cleaned, even in between fingers and nails.Fun to use even for kids!Less usage than regular liquid hand soap. Also, try the Commander Safeguard Honey Smash Body Wash! Tested on Staphylococcus aureus as representative gram-positive bacteria and Escherichia coli as representative gram-negative bacteria by 3rd party lab vs. Safeguard 225ml Liquid Hand Soap.

Safeguard Bar Cool Menthol 85g


Safeguard™ Cool Menthol bar soap combines unbeatable germ protection with a fresh burst of menthol fragrance. Protect your family against 10 common types of disease-causing germs with the soap that’s recommended by health experts worldwide.

Safeguard Bar Lemon Fresh 130g


Safeguard bar soap guarantees up to 99.9% of germ removal. With Safeguard Lemon Fresh antibacterial bar soap, you get proven germ protection that has never smelled fresher. Safeguard lemon is super-efficient in helping you to get rid of all the sweat after a hard day.

Safeguard Bar Floral Pink with Aloe 130g


Safeguard Floral Pink with Aloe Bar Soap. With the combined fragrances of floral notes and aloe vera, Safeguard™ Floral Pink with Aloe bar soap provides the perfect balance of a refreshing clean that still removes 99% of germs. Protects against 3 of 4 germ families 12 hours after wash.

Safeguard Bar Pure White 130g


Protect your family from the germs that cause 75% of all childhood illnesses with Safeguard™ Pure White body wash—the doctor-recommended protection you trust; with the classic Safeguard fragrance you love. Frequently wash with Safeguard to help protect your family’s health.

Safeguard Bar Classic Beige 130g


Safeguard™ Classic Beige bar soap has been washing away germs and odor for more than 40 years with its unmistakable beige clean scent. If you thought Safeguard™ was perfect the first time you used it, Safeguard™ Classic Beige bar soap is the perfect bar soap for you.